Thanks, Sandy!?

By Shlomo  Maital      

   Hurricane Sandy caused some tragic loss of life and $20 b. in damage.  But it has also brought some blessings, I believe.  Here are a few:

*  Re-election of Barack Obama.  By suspending his campaigning, and showing real leadership (stark contrast to President Bush’s behavior during Hurricane Katrina), I believe Obama has ensured he will be re-elected on Tuesday, in a close squeaker election.  One or two percent of the voters will be enough to tip the scales.  Sorry, Mitt.  But it looks like Divine Providence is not with you.  Had it not been for Sandy, you might have won.   You might want to litigate…someone!

* Economy:  With Wall St. (NYSE) closed for two straight days, first time since 1888, and with stores and businesses shut, there are immediate losses.  But the wave of spending caused by purchases linked to rebuilding will be a strong stimulus to the economy, and GDP will increase.  Question is, why do we need a hurricane, to generate the spending that we could have generated without it (as the Chinese have done)? 

* Community:   As always in a crisis, people have come together to help one another.    Again – why do we need a hurricane, to rebuild and strengthen our sense of neighborliness and mutual help? 

* The puny power of human beings:  Again, we are reminded that we human beings, who believe ourselves all-powerful, omniscient, are helpless in the face of the rage of Nature.  Can we for once accept that we need to be wise and thoughtful ‘renters’ on this planet, rather than arrogant, wasteful, destructive ‘owners’ of it?  Our landlord has provided a tough warning – let’s heed it!   And who now doubts global warming, when weather has become so violent and extreme?