What the Irish Think of America’s Tea Party

By Shlomo Maital


 Michael Higgins

  It is said that the Irish have the “gift of the gab”.  They do indeed.  They are wonderful story-tellers and have given the world great writers (James Joyce, for instance).  Now, comes the Irish President, who tears a strip off a Tea Party talk-show host.  I don’t know about you – but the empty self-contradictory no-evidence-based rhetoric of these people, now led by VP candidate Paul Ryan, is just infuriating.  Finally, someone gives it back to them.  Kudos to President Higgins.      

Michael D. Higgins, elected President of Ireland on Nov. 11, 2011,   on Tea-Party-advocate talk show host Michael Graham’s program in 2010, in a video that has gone viral, done at an Irish pub in Galway:   http://media.newstalk.ie/extra/1602/popup

    “ The idea that a person would not have one job but 2 or 3 and  work all the light hours, and still not be entitled to the basic protection of fundamental care, it’s so outrageous, …whether you agree with Obama or now,  the idea there is a social floor below which people cannot fall, that’s the future, even the poorest people in the US should be entitled to it, and I don’t think your or the Sara Palin look-alikes should be allowed to take it off…   Tea Party? You try to find the greatest fear, and work on that…   you don’t find anything wrong with Tea Party ignorance, which insults people who are democratically elected….   I lived in the US,   I lived in the Midwest, in Willie Nelson country, I was a professor at U. of Illinois at the end of the 70s, I know the magnificent generous people of the US, the difference between them and the tiny elite in charge of the war-mongering policy of the US,  when you go on your picnic around the country, you are not representing the people of the US, who are proud of (Obama), you have the impudence to say people like me that we are anti-Jewish , I am not anti Semitic, and unlike you I make my profession in politics, I favor human rights, so you   keep on ranting, but don’t suggest those of us working for peace are interested in murdering Jews…        The fact of the matter is, young people from the US are travelling the world again, they’re welcome in Europe, people talk to them, the image of the US is getting better…at least 47 million people that the likes of you condemn to no health care, they are going to have health care, because of Obama, so, be proud to be a decent American rather than just a wonk whipping up fear…!”