Men Drool, Women Rule…Here’s Why

By Shlomo Maital   


  In the 1993 Disney movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey,  Chance the cat says memorably,  dogs drool, cats rule!

   According to David Brooks’ Op-Ed column in today’s New York Times, “Why men are failing”,  we need to alter that quote a bit to “men drool, women rule”.   Here are some data –    * in elementary and high school, boys get 75% of the D’s and F’s.  * in college, only 40% of bachelor’s and Master’s degrees go to men. * in 1954, 96% of men aged 25-54 worked; today it is only 80 %.  * male labor force participation reached an all-time low in the U.S. in May.  * annual earnings for median prime-age male fell 28% in the past 40 years. * 12 of the 15 fastest-growing professions are dominated by women.

   What is going on?  Brooks cites a new book by Hanna Rosin, “The End of Men”, that explains the decline of men and ascent of women by “adaptability”.  Women, she argues, are like immigrants who move to a new country. They flexibly adapt to new circumstances. Men are like immigrants who move to a new country but keep their minds in the old one.  Men are rigid; women are fluid. 

   Brooks cites a study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which found that small businesses owned by women outperformed male-owned small businesses, during the last recession.  And finally, the last straw, after a marital breakup, more women than men see their incomes rise by at least 25%. 

    Women are today like clean slates, Rosin says, abandoning both feminist and prefeminist preconceptions.  Men still adhere to masculinity rules, which limits their vision, movement and flexibility. 

   It’s just as Chance said about dogs and cats.  Women rule.  We men just haven’t realized it yet.