Schwarzenegger’s Secret

By Shlomo Maital      


 Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived an amazing life (as his autobiography is subtitled: My Incredibly True Life).  As a child, in post WWI Austria, he made up his mind to emigrate to America. He did. He decided to become Mr. Universe. He did.  He decided to become a Hollywood star. He did. He decided to become Governor of California, 8th largest economy in the world. He did.   

   What is his secret?

   Interviewed on Canada’s CBC network, the modest Schwarzenegger revealed his secret.

    He literally “sees” himself, as what he aspires to and envisages. He sees himself as a movie star.  As a Governor.  As Mr. Universe.  He sees it, and that image spurs him to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

    This is a known and proven tool, for entrepreneurs and innovators, known as ‘photograph of the future’, applied in part by my friend and colleague Yoram Yahav.  

    Take a picture of yourself, five years from now, exactly as you see yourself after succeeding in achieving your image. Picture every single detail, as it will be.  Those concrete details will spur you to success. 

    Schwarzenegger is The Terminator, someone who ends life.  But in his own life, he made many new beginnings by imagining them.  As always, the truth is far stranger, and more interesting, than the fiction.