The Rolling Stones: 50 Years!

By Shlomo  Maital   



   Last Sunday night, the Rolling Stones launched their worldwide tour in London, to mark their 50th anniversary as a performing band. They first performed in 1962! 

  Lead singer is Sir Mick Jagger, 69, was joined by guitarists Keith Richards, 68, Ronnie Wood, 65, and drummer Charlie Watts, 71.

   The band had been due to start their concert, the first of their new worldwide “50 and Counting” tour, at 8pm “sharp” but did not appear on stage until just before 8.30pm.   The result?  They were not able to play their signature tune “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, as they had to end at 11 pm.   A BBC broadcaster suggested they should have violated the curfew and paid the fine – after all, their world-wide tour will bring them some $500 m. in income.  Tickets to the London show were costly:  the cheapest was 95 pounds, the most expensive, 950 pounds.

  According to press reports and the BBC, Jagger performed with huge energy, despite his age.  And it was not forced. He really does love to perform before live audiences.  The other band members seem to enjoy themselves too;  Keith Richards had a big permanent smile on his face. 

   As someone who just turned 70, I strongly identify with this band.  They teach us, that the way to stay vibrant and alive, is to find something you really love to do, and then keep doing it, renewing yourself, learning new things, trying new things, reinventing yourself and your products, but always always tackling life with passion and enthusiasm.  And if you lose that passion, well, find something else to do.  “Retirement” is out of the question.

     Jagger was an economics student, at the prestigious London School of Economics, when he began performing.    After the London concert, he said jokingly that he was surprised he was still alive (hinting at prolonged use of drugs and alcohol).   Perhaps having fun in life is an antidote to a great many unhealthy things.