Are YOUR Windows Open?  Are You Sure?

By Shlomo Maital      


  This morning I took part in a superbly-organized charity run, in which runners earned money for charity by completing a 2 km. route as many times as they can – about $5 went to the charity for each route completion.  I did 6 km.  The route began at the Central Park in Upper Haifa, ran along the beautiful Promenade overlooking the sea, and circled back.  Afterward, I went nearby for a haircut. The barber shop was perhaps 200 yards from the finish line.  My barber asked me about my ID number, still pinned to my T-shirt. I told him about the run.   He was unaware – despite the hubbub, crowds, noise, DJ’s, etc.  He just hadn’t opened his windows. 

   I thought about how many of us keep our windows closed,  figuratively.  How many amazing things are going on in the world, but we are missing them, because our windows are closed?  And we keep them closed, because to open them might let in wind and rain.  But they might also let in, say, a shooting star. 

   So, how do we go about opening our windows?  Talk to people.  I wear unusual ties, just to start conversations.  Give some change to a street musician or a homeless person.  Talk to them.  Ask them about their lives.  Make eye contact with people and you might get a reaction.

   So, are your windows open?  Are you sure? If not – open them.  You’ll be amazed how much more fun life is.   A chance encounter might just create a new friend, or even change your life.  It’s happened to me more than once.