Why Phil Mickelson Is a True Winner!

By Shlomo  Maital


     It’s official.  For the sixth (!!!) time, golf pro Phil Mickelson has been runner-up at the US Open.  Yes, Phil came second again.  After leading up to the final round, he bogeyed the shortest hole,  and finished four over par, shot a 74 on the final round, and lost by two strokes to Justin Rose, a British player, who ‘aced’ that final round, cool as a British cucumber.

  Mickelson lost the US Open again – on his 43rd birthday. It was ‘heartbreaking’, he said to the press, signing autographs as he always did even long after dark.  He has broken the record for second-place finishes. 

 Four years ago, in 2009,   I wrote a blog about Mickelson, writing:

   Professional golfer Phil Mickelson is one of golf’s great athletes.   Recently, his wife Amy was diagnosed with cancer, and his mother as well.  Mickelson took time off from the Professional Golfers’ Association tour to care for them.    Amy survived.  Mickelson was there for her.

   Now four years later, Mickelson flew to attend his daughter’s graduation from college,  flying back to play in the US open just the night before it began, losing valuable days of practice.  For Phil, his family comes first. 

  So, for this reason, I believe Phil Mickelson is a real winner, not a runner-up.  He is clearly a loving caring person. Perhaps some of that emotion rattles his putter and driver on the course.  But it also makes him a great human being and role model,  father and husband.

   You’re a winner, Phil.  You are in first place in my books, forever.