TWINKIES are Back!

By Shlomo  Maital  


  Yes, it’s official!  USAToday (July 13), p 7A,  informs us that as of July 15, 2013,  Twinkies are back!  And with a bang!   There is a giant billboard of a Twinkie in Times Square.  A new Hostess website with a countdown clock…   A social media campaign in which people share their love of Twinkies.  And a huge chocolate CupCake sign on the side of the Los Angeles Figueroa Hotel.

    The Hostess Facebook page has 440,000 likes!  

  “It’s the same Hostess, but with a different attitude,” says Dave Lubeck, executive director for client services at Bernstein-Bein Advertising, which created the ad concept. 

   A truck tour is on the way.   Promoters will travel the country passing out free Twinkies.  It starts at Times Square on Monday.  You will see Twinkie the Kid, the mascot, on the tour.    Street teams are handing out “prepare your cake face” T shirts and “I saved the Twinkie” buttons. 

    Life can’t be all bad, if Twinkies are back.   Which would YOU choose?  Austerity?  Or Twinkies?  Maybe we should send a few dozen to the sourpusses who run our governments.