More Fatal Flaws of Capitalism….

By Shlomo Maital


…and, while we’re at it…a few more fatal flaws of capitalism.  (from TIME, July 8/July 15,  2013). 

    *  A third of Americans say they want to earn a lot more money…yet studies show, being free of debt is a far more powerful contributor to happiness.  Capitalism is based on consumer spending financed by debt.  The more you own, the more you owe….

   * One American worker in 10 commutes an hour or longer a day.  Commuting is among the activities Americans hate most.  Yet many continue to do it.  Why? To earn the money to buy stuff they don’t need, that doesn’t bring happiness, so they can continue to squeeze onto stuffed commuter trains.  Makes sense.

 *  One American in 10 takes antidepressants.  Many don’t work.  Many have bad side-effects. Drug companies profit hugely.

  *  People are happier when they spend on life experiences, like travel,  yet the capitalist system is based on buying the latest and greatest ‘stuff’.


     The happiness capitalism promises, based on filling our closets and homes with more and more ‘stuff’ we really don’t need or even want,  is nonexistent. 

     One of these days, the people are going to realize it. 

    What happens then?   Don’t ask the economists.  They are still promoting capitalism.