Why YOU Should Consider Writing a Blog

By Shlomo  Maital     

     Cover Cracking Code Final

  Here is why I think YOU, dear reader, should consider writing some sort of blog, even if you choose not to publish it.

   This blog is #1,172.  Over the past six years, I’ve written a 300-word-or-so blog at least two or three times a week.  It’s now become part of my life. 

    Writing a blog brings this key benefit:   If you know you will need to write about something, to share with others whom you care about, your brain is constantly working out, searching for new ideas, new tools, new facts, new things you can use, new stories that inspire.

   Motivation is the key to action.   And my motivation in writing the blog has been the need to share, to remain relevant, to share with others. 

   I try to work out at least every other day, alternating jogging, speed walking,  stair walking (hey – take the stairs, skip the escalators), and moderate weights.  But my blog gives my brain a workout too. 

    So, think about writing your own.  Try writing a few before you publish them.  Write about things that matter to YOU.  Chances are, they may matter to others too.  Some blogs have created raging worldwide successes, like the blog about preparing one recipe a day for a whole year, based on Julia Childs’ cookbook – a blog that led to a book and a great movie. 

    The insert shows the cover of our new book, Cracking the Creativity Code, soon to be published by SAGE India.  We’re deeply grateful to SAGE for their wonderful creative cover design.  Our theme in our book:  Your brain is a muscle,  exercise it daily, hourly.  And a blog is one great way to do that.