Which VC’s Offer Seed Money?

By Shlomo  Maital  



 The tables above show VC funds and angels that invested in zero-stage startups in the period Jan. 1 2009 through Aug. 21  2014,  in the U.S. and in Europe.   If you have an early stage startup and are seeking funding,  perhaps you should ‘pitch’ to one of these funds. 

    But notice:   How very few investments were made, in two huge areas, U.S. and EU, in  2009-2014.   VC funds, it is well known, have capital, but very little ‘venture’.  Seed money, and zero stage investors, are scarce everywhere, because the risks are so high, and because it is so difficult to pick winners at such an early stage. 

    I recommend that you consider bootstrapping – get your business going with just your own savings.   The farther along you are, the closer you are to a prototype, the   more the VC’s will listen respectfully to your pitch.