Six Questions: Toward a Mindful Life

By   Shlomo Maital

I found this wise advice at a website called mindfulentrepreneur:

How to re-examine the story of your life – and rewrite it(?)

  • What is it that you’re truly good at?
  • What do you know or do at least a bit better than the others around?
  • What type of issues do people approach you with?
  • In what areas are you usually able to provide meaningful help?
  • What are you known for?
  • What activities give you pleasure even if you’re not rewarded for them in any way?  



The website goes on: “Try to identify that one special ability you have and cherish it. Use it whenever you can, despite not being seen. And don’t forget to remind yourself that the boomerang of positive energy you’re sending out to the universe will one day, sooner or later, come back to you, with multiplied force.

And it ends:

   “You’re the sole author of the story of your life. Make it an inspiring one to read.

In teaching creativity, I’ve challenged a great many young people to search deep inside themselves and find their true passions — and then pursue them.  For some it has worked.  And it gives me a lot of satisfaction.  I plan to keep doing it.  

    If by a huge cosmic error I reach the gates of heaven and am challenged there, I plan to say,  I tried to help people write their own life stories, rather than let other people write them on their behalf.   It just might work.