Thanks, Custodian & Sanitation Workers!

By Shlomo Maital

If you click on your Google logo today, say when you do a Google search, you’ll see the above graphic – and the (hidden) words, thanks, custodian and sanitation workers!

Well done Google.

Our daughter is a family physician who runs a large clinic in the south of Israel. Her protocol is to have those who feel ill, to call and a time is set up. The patient enters by a separate door, into a ‘clean room’… which is disinfected after the visit. Our daughter explains: The heroes are the cleaning personnel.   They do the hard, dirty dangerous work. She made sure, in her clinic, to assemble them all, and recognize their dedication and heroism, on several occasions.  In New York City, for instance, it is they who keep the hospitals clean, including the most dangerous virulent areas, like the ICU’s….

So good for you Google. I hope lots of people do read the hidden text behind the graphic, on Google’s logo….

p.s. another Kudo for Google —  Seth Stephens-Davidowitz observes in the New York Times that by using Google Trends, you can spot what people are searching, and hence maybe find key symptoms of COVID-19…like itchy eyes….   worth a try!  Seth is a big data expert….