How to Save 40,000 Lives

By Shlomo Maital

   OK – I am a very broken record. But I simply can’t get my mind around this one.

   The Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation, University of Washington, is perhaps one of the highest regarded credible sources of data and projections, related to the pandemic.

   They have just completed a comprehensive study of data, regarding the impact of wearing facial masks.   They not only read all the many studies – they re-analyzed the actual raw data.

     Here are the results, just published.

      Projected deaths from COVID-19 Under Three Scenarios, as of November 1: United States

                                                                                       Total Deaths                     Daily Deaths

  1. Easing, Opening                                          241,000                             1,341
  2. Current Mix: Closed/Open                         224,546                                815
  3. Universal masks worn (95%)                     183,242                                273 

     How can the leader of the richest nation in the world live with himself, knowing that his public scorn of masks, and politicization of mask-wearing as an invasion of freedom (the freedom to die and to kill), will potentially kill 40,000 people – the total number of people who die in traffic deaths every year in the United States? Run the numbers: Easing and opening, return to schools, as the Administration wishes, versus universal mask wearing (and that, by the way, refers to ordinary cloth masks) kills 58,000 unnecessarily — and the current open/closed mix?   224,546 minus 183,242 equals over 40,000 superfluous deaths.  

The IHME study shows conclusively that wearing a simple cloth mask, if everyone does, reduces the spread of COVID19 by 30%.  That is a really big number.  It could be the difference between an R0 number that creates a huge new wave, and an R0 number that gradually extinguishes the virus. 

       POTUS.  A one-man death squad, aided by some Neanderthal southern governors.