Why Do Americans and the World Hate Trump –   But Israelis Love Him?

By Shlomo Maital

   Let’s run the numbers. “Do you approve of President Trump?” — Some 56% of Americans disapprove; 41% approve. So a majority of Americans DO dislike Trump.

   He is divisive, deeply so, in an unprecedented manner, and on purpose. Some 91% of Republicans approve.   Only 4% of Democrats. And 34% of Independents.

   A study by the Pew Research Center asked 36,000 people in 33 countries whether they “trust Trump to do the right thing regarding world affairs”. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents said, No! Only 29% said yes.

   Trump is mistrusted even more than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.   Imagine that.

   The country that distrusts Trump the most? Mexico (89%!). Not surprising – “Build the wall!” was Trump’s mantra, still is…   Next to Mexico: Germany (85% distrust him). After that, Turkey (84%), Sweden (81%), and France and Spain (78%). Then: Canada (74%). The two nations that border on the US mistrust its leader heavily.

     This is to my knowledge unprecedented, that the American President, leader of the free world, is mistrusted and despised worldwide.

     Except – my country Israel. In Israel, 71% of the respondents said they trust Trump.

     Why? Why is Israel so out of step with the world?

     It’s very very simple. Trump has moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, and proposed a “peace plan” that royally screws the Palestinians. Israelis love this.

     What don’t they get? Israel vitally, desperately needs American support, as Russia, China and Iran wreak havoc in the Mideast. Israel needs a strong united United States, with a strong economy and cohesive democracy that is effective and competent. When the US has an Administration that is composed of kleptocratic, incompetent inexperienced Secretaries, and a President who lies only when he opens his mouth, who seeks to destroy the November election by sabotaging mail-in ballots (and he is open about this)….   Israel is in deep trouble. Trump weakens the US. A lot. And hence weakens Israel. Perhaps even existentially.

     Israel is Startup Nation, right? Are we also “Don’t get it” Nation?   I’m afraid so.   Will somebody please explain the reality to us Israelis? And soon!?