100 Million Doses Can’t Be Wrong: The Vaccine is Safe!

By Shlomo Maital    

    For all those who refuse to be vaccinated:  The evidence is in.  After 100 million doses of several types of COVID-19 vaccine, administered in the US, Israel and elsewhere,  there is strong evidence that the side-effects, predicted initially to be minimal, are even less than predicted.  The vaccine is effective!  The vaccine is safe.  And no, there are no hidden secret side-effects (I know intelligent people who claim that a microchip is being injected with the vaccine!  Can you believe it?????)

     In general, vaccines are perhaps the greatest public health innovation in history.  It is estimated that 2-3 million children’s lives are saved yearly by vaccinating them.   In a table published in today’s Hebrew daily Haaretz, the track record of vaccines is shown, over time:

                                     20th C. Vaccines and their Effectiveness

Small pox        100%  (eradication)

Diphtheria       above 99%

Mumps         above 99%

Whooping Cough  92%

Polio                  100%

Measles           Above 99%

Tetanus         97%

Hemophylic Influenza  99%

     The main COVID-19 vaccines are based on novel  messenger RNA technology. A small amount of RNA is injected into the muscle of the arm, and the body responds by generating antibodies.  One reason the vaccine is safe, and this technology is safe, is that the RNA vaccine material resides in the body only for a very short time – a few hours, just long enough for the body’s immune response to react. 

      In the past,  conventional vaccines have largely been based on weakened versions of the offending virus itself.  This technology, while highly effective, is more prone to side-effects. 

     And no, it is proven that the vaccine does not do harm to fetuses;  in contrast pregnant women who are not vaccinated run a risk, and here have been tragic cases of this here in Israel.

      About half of Israel’s population has already had at least one jab.  With hypervigilance for reactions, and long-term side-effects, there have been virtually none. 

       I believe this key fact is sinking in worldwide, including some anti-vaxers.  The proof is in the pudding – and the pudding is looking better daily.  So let’s get on with it and get this virus out of our lives, as we did with smallpox and polio and lots of other illnesses….