Netanyahu’s Crime: Not Knowing When to Exit

By Shlomo Maital

  In the theater, scripts of plays always contain directions, such as “exit stage right”.  And the actors faithfully follow those.

   In politics,  the script in Israel has read “Netanyahu – enough, exit stage right – fast!”,  for years and years.  But Netanyahu refused.  Why?  Remaining in the Prime Minister’s residence could, he felt, keep him out of jail, with an impending conviction for corruption in the cards.  The result mired Israel in four needless exhausting elections.  And he sat glued to his chair for 12 years, and for 15 years in total as PM.  (The newly formed govt. plans to pass a term-limit law!)

    I’ve been reluctant to write about Netanyahu.  But our Rabbi,  Elisha, has saved the day and in a preface to his weekly shabbat sermon, captured my thoughts perfectly. So I can quote him, instead of spouting off myself:

    “Israel is one complicated country!… Regardless of what you think of Netanyahu, if he were to step down and allow another Likud leader to take his place, there would be a Likud led government tomorrow, backed up by a huge right-wing coalition, with at least 70% of the Knesset members in it. That is a huge coalition. But no… instead of a strong stable government (at this point it matters less if it is right wing, center of left, let’s just have a government!) we are heading into a 5th election in two and a half years. Even if Lapid and Bennet succeed, it will be the most fragile governments in Israeli history.”