Murderous Butcher: How to Qualify

By Shlomo Maital

   President Joe Biden delivered a powerful speech in Poland.  In it he ad libbed and called for Putin to be removed from power.  Earlier he called him a “butcher”.  And a war criminal.

    There was a firestorm of criticism following his speech.  Regime change!  Regime change!  He called for regime change! He was forced to recant!

     Oh my.  You can’t do that.  The Russian people have the right to keep in power their murderous butcher. 


     So – what does it take, for the world to say, this guy has to go?   Not enough to level an entire city to rubble and starve its inhabitants?  Make half the children of Ukraine into refugees?  Threaten nuclear warfare, and chemical warfare?

     What does it take? 

     Yes, regime change!  If the Russian people support and maintain this guy, they are culpable.  If we shy away from saying ‘regime change’,  WE are culpable.

     Putin has to go.  Let’s say it loud and clear, everywhere, in every forum…and do everything to make sure his defeat in Ukraine is so resounding, that his inner circle will seek to replace him.  Pronto.