Radical-Right US Supreme Coart and Oakland A’s

By Shlomo Maital   

   How can we understand the recent 6-3 radical-right rulings of the US Supreme Coourt, overturning Roe v. Wade, environment, gun restrictions, and more?

    Here is my take.  Consider Justice Samuel Alito who wrote the abortion opinion.  He was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Bush on October 31, 2005, and served since January 31, 2006.   So for over a decade, Alito, a Roman Catholic, has been on the losing side of the Supreme Court, which had a liberal majority – until Trump’s three anti-abortion radical-right appointees.

     Humiliation.  Anger.  Decision after decision, Alito loses.   But not any more.

    Consider baseball.  The worst team in Major League Baseball is he Oakland Athletics, who play in a rundown crummy stadium, with mediocre or worse players, and average crowds of 8,000 – lower than their minor league AAA team gets.  Now imagine, impossibly, that Oakland acquires ace pitcher Max Scherzer and Yankee home run ace Aaron Judge!   They humiliate teams they used to lose to, and win the World Series. 

   As they do – do they behave with grace and gentlemanly courtesy to other teams?  No way.  They drub them, humiliate them, get even for the years of scorn they absorbed, and leading 10-2 in the ninth inning, they go for six more runs. 

    That’s Alito and the Supreme Court.  It’s payback time.  Revenge.  Against common sense?  Against the majority of reasonable Americans?  Who cares.  This is payback for all the years of humiliation.

    Is it really possible that emotions play a role in the highest US court?   You bet.  Read Alito’s Roe v Wade decision, leaked months earlier.  Do you not read “you rubbed my face in it,  now I will do it to yours”?  

    I wrote in an earlier blog that America is broken.  The legislative branch has been broken for years. Now, the judicial branch is broken too.  Two out of three.  And the Executive?  2024 will be crucial.  3 out of 3 will be too much.