What Do You Know That Others Can Use?

By Shlomo Maital

    In an era when the key resource is knowledge (wisdom, skill, insight, creativity) – much of it is being wasted. I’m talking about pensioners, those over 65, who are warehoused, marginalized, the day after turning 65.  I know someone who was a key assistant to a bank CEO – his phone never stopped ringing, until the day after he retired, and then it fell silent. 

     In an era when life expectancy is in the mid-80’s, we are wasting 20 productive years, on average, in which those with wisdom can help solve the world’s pressing problems.  And problems?  Climate crisis, inequality, assault on democracy, violence, poor schools, wars, fascism, ..and that’s just a start.

     I have a friend who is sharing his insights through…poetry, weekly poems, that each has deep meaning regarding how we live.  There are myriad ways to do this. 

     What do you know about life, that you have learned the hard way at times, that others can use and learn from?  And how can you share it?  There are so many ways.  It need not  be ‘at scale’ – one friend at a time. 

     I have a friend who has self-published wonderful poetry books and a superb book about management and business.  And others, who are building a great startup.  

     We used to say, life begins at 40.  Today, make it begin at 65.  Use the adage “the adjacent possible” – what can you do that is a bit different than what you have done in the past, but not so different it is unfeasible.