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2014’s Great Innovations: TIME’s Genius Awards

By Shlomo   Maital   


   Each year, at the end of the year, TIME has an issue devoted to the year’s greatest innovations. Here are some of the top 25 innovations chosen by TIME for 2014, from its Dec. 1-8 “genius” issue.

  1. The Hoverboard: skateboard that truly hovers. It has very short battery life, but like in the movie Back to the Future, it does hover.  
  2. The smart home: it knows when you’re there, when you’re away, when you’re hot, when you’re cold, what you need…
  3. fusion reactor: Lockheed claims it can now build an energy producing reactor based on fusion of hydrogen atoms, as in the hydrogen bomb.
  4. wireless electricity: delivery electricity through induction, without wires.
  5. 3D printing: it’s come of age, you can make anything. And at home.
  6. Coolest cooler: Neat cooler for picnics.
  7. Microsoft Tablet Surface Pro 3:   believe it or not, a cool product from MS, a great tablet.
  8. Lumo lift: a chip that ensures we maintain good posture.
  9. BMW I3: a great innovative car
  10. Glow ring: a ring that glows when we have an email or call on our phones.
  11. Smart pillbox: Pillbox that reminds us when and what to takes

15 Super banana: Lots of Vitamin A in them, keeps us healthy

  1. Super Wheel: a 3rd rear wheel on a bike, with a small motor…
  2. A filter that cleans viruses out of our system
  3. sign language translator: so we can talk with those who sign
  4. Play USMO: device (app) that gives kids ways to play actively

21   Bluetooth basketball:   tracks its speed, trajectory, so we can improve those 3-pointers

  1. eatable wrappers:   you eat the chocolate, eat the wrapper. Cool?

23   Women action figures: why just SuperMAN???

25   Monopole: the selfie pole, now ubiquitous worldwide. Why didn’t we think of it sooner?

   Notice the huge variety of innovations, the wide range of topics – the message is, innovate everywhere, innovate simple things (phones, bikers, balls), keep it simple, create real value.  

   Thanks, geniuses. Actually, you’re just ordinary people, motivated to work hard to create value and change the world.   Wish we all did that.

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