Small Acts of Kindness…Are Really Big!

By Shlomo Maital

This morning, I rose early and went to shop for food at our local small grocery store. As first in line, I got to shop quickly — Y., the shopkeeper, was strict in limiting contact between shoppers and only let one or two of us in, at a time.

When I exited, loaded the groceries in the car and returned the shopping cart, a truck driver spotted me; he was delivering sanitary supplies. He cautioned me gently to use gel on my hands because the cart handle could have been infected. I think he noticed my grey hair and was concerned. I did as he said, and then – he gave me a pair of rubber gloves from his truck, and some highly prized alco-gel. I wished him well, he did the same…

This small incident touched me deeply. This truck driver is in the front line – he sees many people daily, some may be infected…. And yet, he is concerned for my wellbeing, and he doesn’t even know me. Same for Y. the shopkeeper. He too is in the front line. He makes sure we are all well stocked with groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, which Israel has aplenty.

These tiny acts of kindness, perhaps not so tiny, are happening all over the world. They embody a Hebrew saying, “All Israel is bonded one to another”… and I interpret that to mean, all humanity. We are NOT socially isolated, we are spatially separated and socially bonded.   Tiny acts of kindness prove it.

Thanks, truck driver. And yes, I will indeed pass it forward – and so will we all.