Nature vs. Humans:  2-0

By Shlomo Maital

 The photo above shows a tiny seedling growing in a small crack in the pavement, between the street asphalt and the curbstone.  Somehow, our old tree,  over 40 years old, has found a way to procreate, as a tiny seed found its way to some earth, and managed to gather sun and rain, implement photosynthesis, and using chlorophyll as a catalyst, it has sprouted. 

    Nature finds a way.  Evolution and the desperate drive to procreate that exists in all Nature. 

     Every ounce of human creativity has been mobilized, to create a vaccine that defeats COVID-19.  Meanwhile, the SARS-COV-2 virus has apparently found a way to mutate, enabling it to be 56% more contagious.  This was inevitable …   faster spreading virus genes will crowd out slower-spreading ones.   It does seem that the vaccines will still be effective, though.

     The little seedling growing impossibly in a crack in the pavement sends me a message.  Want to take on Nature in the ring?  Friday night smackdown?  WWE main event?  You humans will lose every time.  Best to join forces – form a tag team with Nature.  Collaborate with Nature, don’t try to defeat it.

      The little seedling shown above?  It is no more.  It died, when the street sweeper came along and swept it away.  But the mother tree did not mourn.  She knew that so many of her seedlings will perish.  But a few will survive.  And she will live on, in their progeny.