Primroses & Vaccines: Viva Italia!

By Shlomo Maital    

Primrose Vaccination Center

   A Japanese saying goes:  Spend one yen for bread, one yen for flowers.  The Italians, who have suffered enormously during the pandemic, have embraced the idea.  Ever a country that embraces beauty in design, Italy is employing its design creativity to vaccinate its population.

     According to Jason Horowitz, writing in the New York Times * ,  Italy has employed designer Stefano Boeri to design its new vaccination centers. There will be 1,500 of them, throughout Italy, and they will look as shown above.  The them of Boeri is the primrose.  Why?  “It is the first flower after winter,”  Boeri says,  drawing an analogy with the long dark winter of the pandemic,  “and it is a strong message hat everyone can understand.”  The spring after the dark winter.

    Boeri is famous for his vertical Milan skyscraper gardens,  also employed in Singapore. 

   My wife and I were vaccinated on Dec. 20, in a drive-in center, based in a football stadium parking lot – ten drive-in stands, run with exceptional efficiency, no queues, no waiting.  Pinnacle of efficiency.  I’m sure the Italian vaccination centers may be a lot less efficient – but far more beautiful.   One euro for bread, one for flowers.  Viva Italia!