Meet Andrea Ray: Heroine

By Shlomo Maital

   In our pandemic crisis, there are a huge number of unsung everyday heroes. Truck drivers who continue to drive the long hauls, delivery people, supermarket workers, police, Israel’s Home Front soldiers….

   And, in particular, Andrea Ray, featured on Channel 12 this evening. Andrea was born in Venezuela and made Aliyah to Israel when she was 16. She studied hotel management and had a senior job in the Dan Hotels system.

   Israel has taken over some of the Dan Hotels in Tel Aviv, and brought those who have tested positive for COVID-19, especially those flown home from abroad, to hotels. The area housing these patients is of course strictly quarantined, and the hotel is run jointly by the Home Front soldiers and Dan management.

     Why is Andrea a hero?   Who will care for the corona patients? Seriously? Spend many hours of the day mingling with those ill with the deadly virus?  

     You cannot tell someone to do this. You can only ask for volunteers.

     And Andrea volunteered. This is what she does, every day, for hours and hours – cares for the needs of the patients, cheers them up, laughs with them, and brings them joy with her smile.  

     What if she falls ill? Well, I’ll get the virus and then I’ll get better, she says.

     So, you’ve met Andrea Ray, heroine.  Do you know other such heroes and heroines?