One American in Three Will Refuse a COVID-19 Vaccine

By Shlomo Maital   

I’m not sure you will believe this. I could barely believe it.

A CNN public opinion poll in the United States revealed:

     ,,,  we’re getting a closer look at how some Americans feel about the pandemic.   A new national poll surveyed 1,000 adults and found 35% of Americans say they won’t get the coronavirus vaccine. Twenty-nine percent of Americans say they will definitely get the vaccine. Another third said probably.

   No need for further comment. One American in three will turn down a COVID-19 vaccine when it is offered to them. And another third said, well, probably, not certain.

   Two-thirds of Americans are not 100% certain they will seek a vaccine, when it is available.

     A large part of the world is deeply worried, that they will not be able to get the vaccine, because the rich countries, pursuing America First policies, will keep it for themselves.

     And in America (first), two-thirds are not 100% sure they will accept the vaccine.

     So, many people will die through ignorance and conspiracy theories fed by social media.

     We have seen in the past outbreaks of measles, in the US and elsewhere, through abysmal ignorance.

     Here we go again.

     What in the world has happened to this once-great nation?

p.s. President Donald Trump is busy promoting Goya beans and other products from the Oval Office.  I did not make that up.